About girl.T:

A couple months ago I wanted to learn to draw so I started working on a web comic. Since then, though, the plan has changed a bit. Now, girl.T is becoming a story that can be experienced as either a web comic or a visual novel. It is still a work in progress and the visual novel is not ready to be experienced. but I am updating it simultaneously with my web comic.

A quick note about the name: The ‘T’ in girl.T is an imaginary file type named after myself. Many of my friends call me T which is short for Theresa. The title ‘girl’ is because this is the story about how meeting a girl can change your life.

About Me:

My name is Theresa E. Garcia. I am a Hispanic pansexual neo-pagan trans woman. I’m also a video game nerd, an anime fanatic, a furry and a sociologist. Most importantly I am a writer.